Live Gigs

Live Gigs

2nd August

Mim Suleiman: Spicy Sunday Music Sessions

Come and enjoy an afternoon of music and fun at the Spice Exchange.

Event details: 24 May 2015 to 6 September 2015

Two half-hour sessions every Sunday at 2.30-3pm and 3.30-4pm

Venue: The Spice Exchange

Related festival: Full of Spice Summer Festival 2015

Join for a memorable afternoon of Spicy Music at Kew Gardens. Come along to the two drop-in sessions being held every Sunday afternoon during the festival between May and September, included with entry to the Gardens.

Mysteryland Festival – Netherlands

29th August 2015

Her track ‘Mingie’ was put in the radio station Soulwax FM in the game GTA V by the brothers Dewaele.

More details to follow …

Sondeka – Kenya

7th to 15th September

Mim will be performing at the Airtel Sondefa Festival in Kenya.