A Zippy Kimundu film.

A Borderline Media Prodution, in association with AfroFilms and RADiO FiLM

History is written by men. About men. For men.

Join Zanzibari singer Mim Suleiman and filmmaker Zippy Kimundu, on their journey to set the record
straight. Travelling across East Africa they encounter women who tell their stories, leading us to a
different understanding of the way the world turns.

Our lead character is the irrepressible Mim Suleiman, a pint sized performer with a planet sized personality.
As Mim travels she brings together a female cast of modern and traditional music stars to tell our story. From encounters on the street, to secret rendezvous behind closed doors, Mim & Zippy meet activists, performers, grandmothers and children connected by a thread of influence and intuition.